Born in 1973, Téhéran, Iran.
Lives and works in Paris.
Nov 2011 : Photoshop training, école Gobelins, Paris , France.
2004 - 2006 : Master's Degree in Visual Arts, Marc Bloch University, Strasbourg, France.
2004 - 2005 : Diploma in Professional Photography, SpéosParis Photographic Institute, France.
2002 - 2003 : Bachelor's Degree in Cinema and Audio-Visual Arts, Marc Bloch University, Strasbourg, France.
1995 - 2001: Bachelor's degree in photography, Azad University, Tehran, Iran.
Since 2013 : Associate, Art director Galerie 55Bellechasse, Paris, France.
2007-2013: Teaching at Spéos and (Winter Session) with "RISD",USA-Paris, France.
July 2010 : Participation in "Wocmes" (World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies) Barcelona, Spain.
2005: Training Course at Esther Woerdehoff Gallery, Paris, France
1997 - 2002 : Freelance Photography, Portrait & Advertising photography,Tehran, Iran.
2017 : Photo London, London, UK AIPAD, New York, USA
2016 : Art 16, Art Fair, London, United Kingdom
- Art Paris, Grand Palais, Paris, France
- Art16, London, Uk
- The Solo Project Basel,Besel, Switzerland
2015 : Art Paris, Grand Palais, Paris, France
2014 : Fotofever, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France
2013 : Rétrospective 1998-2013, 55 Bellechasse Gallery, Paris, France
2012 : Here..There…, Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2010 : The Imprint,Cuadro Gallery, Dubai, UAE Empreinte, Spéos Gallery, Paris, France
2007 : Homage to Madeleine Riboulet,(Mme Banisadr), NegPos Gallery, Nîmes, France
2001 : History of Polish Chair, Art Assar Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2017 : YIA Basel, Basel, Switzerland
-With my Roots, Asia House London, UK
-Art New-york, New york,USA
-Galerie Immix, Paris, France
-Art Market San Francisco, San Francisco, USA
-Mois de la photo Off, Galerie 55Bellechasse, Paris, France
-YIA Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium
-Art Bocaraton, Miami, USA
-Yia art Fair, Maastricht, Netherlands
-Scope New york, USA
-Art Wynwood Miami, USA
-Art Capital, Grand palais, Paris,France
-London Art Fair,UK
-Art Miami, Palm Beach, Miami,USA

2016 : Scope Miami , Miami, USA
-Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
-Art Fair Cologne, Cologne, Germany
-YIA Art Fair, Paris, France
-Art Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
-Opening 55Bellechass gallery outpost, Miami, USA
-Art New-York, New-York, USA
-Art Boca Raton, Boca Raton, USA
-Art Wynwood, Miami, USA
-YIA art fair, Brussels, Belgium
-SCOPE New-York, New-York, USA
-Art Palmbeach, Palm Beach,USA

2015 : Context Miami, art fair, Miami,USA
-YIA, art fair,Paris, France
-Art Silicon Valley, San Mateo,USA
-Art Cologne, Cologne, Germany
-Art Copenhagen, Copenhagen,Denmark
-Exposition collective, Musée Van Gogh (Mesdag collectie Den Haag), The Hague, Netherlands
-Art Southampton, southhampton,USA
-Scope Basel, Basel, Switzerland
-Art Miami NY, New-York, USA
-Art Wynwood, Miami, USA

2014 : Scope Miami, Miami, FL,USA
-Amsterdam Art Fair, Amsterdam, Netherlands
-Copenhagen Art Fair, Copenhagen, Denmark
-Scope Basel, Basel, Switzerland
-Cutlog NY, New-York, USA
-Black & White, Gallery 55Bellechasse, Paris,France
-SCOPE NY, New-York, USA
-Art Wynwood, Miami, USA

2013 : Valerie Saudan’s Gallery, Megeve, France
-Wynwood - during Art Basel - Miami, Florida, USA
-Festival Iran Eternel, Epi Plage, Ramatuelle, France
-Summer exhibition on the French Riviera, -Nouchine Gallery, Beaulieu, France

2012 : Tessellation Make Up, Istanbul, Turkey
-« L’empreinte », NegPos Gallery, Nîmes, France

2011 : La Quinzaine culturelle Iranienne, Strasbourg, France

2009 : Voice of vision, Spéos Gallery, Paris, France
-Rencontre Arles, Photo Folio, Arles, France

2007 : Buenos Aires photo 07, Buenos Aires, Argentina
-Arténîm, Nîmes, France

2003 : Dress and nudity, Stimultania Gallery, Strasbourg, France
-Ateliers Ouverts, Stimultania, Strasbourg, France
-Exhibition Festival at Palais Universitaire, Strasbourg

2001 : City Photography Museum,Tehran, Iran
-Contemporary Photographers, Art Assar Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2000 : Exhibition organized by the Canadian Embassy in Tehran,for celebration of the International Women's day, Barg Gallery,Iran
-"L'art dans le Monde", a representation of young artists from different continents, Paris, France

-The Museum of Modern Art, Rio de Janeiro (MAM), Brazil
-Private Foundation in Switzerland
-Peggy Cooper Cafritz Foundation, Washington, USA
-Agnes GUND (PS1 & MOMA)